This little piece of the internet belongs to me!!! Hahahahaha!!! Bow before your benevolent goddess, mortals!!!

Ahem. Sorry. I have no idea what came over me. I totally got over that little case of megalomania years ago. I have a doctor’s note to prove it.

Right, back to the stuff. I’m supposed to write something meaningful or funny. Fresh outta ideas, folks. You’re stuck with whatever I have left over from writing. And work-slash-family-slash-real-life. And, you know, pretending I’m a human being instead of a recluse-in-training.

Did I mention I’m an insomniac who does most of her writing after midnight? Best get that out there.

So, rules and stuff.

1. Don’t be a bitch. That’s my job. Kidding (so not kidding).
2. Don’t steal.
3. Don’t diss on other people.
4. Don’t bitch about my fandom or story genre choices. Don’t like slash or always-a-girl stories? There’s plenty of internet out there for you to play in.
5. I make the rules and I can change or add to them as I like.

For the record, I have been weaned on a diet of snark, sass, and bitchery. And that was before I spent years of my life on the internet. Take your chances.


2019-01-01: Happy New Year! Please let this one go better than the last!

Can we get a redo on 2018? Like, the whole thing? I had so many plans, so many stories to write and then … got nothing written for nearly five months. Like, really. Every time I sat at my computer to write, I felt so physically exhausted that I would need a nap. It happens to all of us, even without the fun combo of bipolar and anxiety but, really, brain? Five months?

What little I did write was longhand, in notebooks, particularly plotting for that magical day when I would be able to write again. That included the plot for my Quantum Bang story which I am behind on (see: above inability to write) but which I was nearly finished plotting at the beginning of December. Fun fact: I work in retail. In a bookstore. A large, independent, central-to-the-entire-city’s-literary-community bookstore. Second fun fact: Christmas starts September first in a bookstore. Not because we put out decorations (we’re lucky if they’re up December 1) but because fall is the literary season.

We are talking book fairs, multiple literary festivals, events every day, touring authors filling auditoriums, professional conferences, Massey Lectures, every poet in the city launching a collection, balls to the wall literary season. The first week of December is actually a relief because everyone might be shopping but that’s all we deal with, all the events ending so we can focus on Christmas shoppers.

Needless to say, I continued to be too tired to write. But I did have plans! Plots! And several days off after Christmas. Until …
… someone stole my bag.
To be clear, it was a backpack. No wallet, no money, no laptop. The most valuable thing inside was a power cable for my laptop, a library book, and the bag itself. Under a hundred dollars to replace. And four notebooks.

Including all the plotting I’d done all fall, my general ideas book, and the notebooks for two ongoing projects. The pain was real. There was a mourning period. I couldn’t bring myself to even think about my Quantum Bang story, much less recreate the plotting or try to start it. And there was still two weeks to Christmas to survive.

I have mourned and I have survived. I bought a new bag, replaced my laptop cord and paid the library their fees. I even got over the urge to scrap my original plot and start over because I like the original so much. I wound up withdrawing from this year’s Quantum Bang because anxiety is a cold hard bitch and that’s not the hill I’m going to die on. I intend to try for the next round, with a new plot, and possibly new anxiety meds. Or stronger alcohol.

This is a new year. I haven’t written anything yet, but I did edit and post a story from 2018. Let’s hope the coming year goes a little better than the last or, at least, that there is chocolate and alcohol to get us through it.

Current Projects: 

Current projects (cue hysterical laughter). Where do I start? I recently laid out all my ongoing plotting notebooks with projects that will be 25k or more (based on current writing or plot). And then started banging my head on my desk. Fortunately, all the notebooks spread across it insulated me from brain damage.

And because I’m a masochist, I also signed up for the Quantum Big Bang. Because my anxiety is my dom and she isn’t particularly safe or sane and I never consent, I have withdrawn from the challenge for this year (see above). Instead, I’m going to redirect my attention to the Rough Trade April Challenge and take a run at Quantum next time around.


I dipped my toe in the Tolkien universe and was immediately pulled under with no chance of recovery; episode one of my Hobbit/LotR series Radiance is up now.

The second story in The Future Is My Past, The Past Is My Future series, tentatively titled Yesterday’s Tomorrow. No, I do not know when this will be done. There is a sample of the next part on my Evil Author Day page.

The First Casualty is my November 2016 NANO project. I am continuing to work on this and will, hopefully, complete and have it betaed some time this year. An incomplete rough draft is on my EAD page.

Rough Trade has a new forum, titled The Workshop.  The Big Short is a series of prompt threads including thematic, character and image prompts. I’ll be posting those short stories that I write in response to the prompts on this site as well as AO3.

As with everything on RT, you must be a member to view it, and breaking the moderators’ rules can get you booted and banned from the site. If you check it out, please read responsibly.

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