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Future’s Past

Future's Past

Title: Future’s Past
Series: The Future Is My Past; The Past Is My Future
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairings: fem!Harry Potter/Orion Black; others mentioned
Genre: Romance, Alternate Universe, Genderbent, Always a Different Sex, Time Travel
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Genderbent, if that isn’t your thing; canon-level violence (which is pretty violent, let’s be real here); character death (offscreen); adult language, seriously people I swear like a sailor and so do my characters; Paganism and non-traditional religious views (because let’s be honest, a society that went into hiding because of witch burnings is going to have a slightly different view on the Abrahamic faiths than, say, most of the Western Hemisphere)
Disclaimer: JK Rowling owns everything. Seriously. If you recognize it, it isn’t mine and I am definitely not making any money off this work.

Summary: Her godfather is dead. So is Tom Riddle, which appears to be the only thing anyone else cares about. Oh, and getting ahold of her, her money, and her titles. Fuck that noise. Ianthe learned how to maraud from the best, and she doesn’t intend to take this lying down.

She intends to change a single moment in time – and change the life of her godfather, herself, and the whole Wixen World. That the price for that change is all that she is, including her life? There’s always a price.

Merlin showing up and telling her that the price of her actions isn’t her death? Not part of her calculations.

Prologue      Chapter One – Six      Chapter Seven – Twelve      Epilogue


New: A graphic version of Future’s Past; this is image heavy and you may want to use a Reader View if you are using a tablet or mobile.

Prologue      Chapter One – Six      Chapter Seven – Twelve      Epilogue

Cast Pictures

Cast page 1
Cast page 2 cropped



I have spent more time in fandom than in real life in the last decade. I'd offer cookies and a speech about joining the dark side, but if you found me here you've probably drunk the kool-aid already.

9 thoughts on “Future’s Past

  1. Hey Dark. I hope this is okay. I didn’t want to say this in the chatroom but I have anxiety too, and sending fics to alpha or beta can be difficult for me too. I understand where you’re coming from. If you ever want to talk about it let me know. Also Jilly has alpha and beta read for me and so I speak from personal experience when I say you’re in really good hands with her.

    if you”d like to beta for someone besides Keira for practice I’d be happy to have you beta something of mine. Though I’m not nearly as experienced or polished as Keira.

    On the other hand if you don’t want to discuss any of this, that’s fine too. No worries.

  2. Thank you, desert. It’s been on my mind lately and I’ve been making small steps, like setting up a gmail account to share from. I think I’m defintely going to take Jilly up on her offer when I have something ready.

    I’d like to beta for you in the future. I’ve enjoyed your work since before I started writing on RT. I don’t have anything smaller on the go right now – everything on my plate is massive and bloated – but in the future I’d be happy to have you do the same.

    Thank you.

  3. You’re welcome 🙂 I love your work. I’m thrilled you like mine. Truly.

    Sounds good. Go at whatever pace you’re comfortable with. I’d like to alpha or beta for you. I can’t check grammar though. It is my kryptonite. Let me know when you’re ready and I’ll share my email with you. You can also leave me a comment on ao3 and I’ll send it to you. *hugs*

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