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Prompt Responses

A repository of short fiction in response to various prompts. These works vary in length from 500 to 5000 words, mostly coming in under 2000. They are either word, theme, or image prompts.

These prompts are done through Rough Trade or the Just Write! Discord community. Please do not send or post prompts in the comments; I have enough to distract me from my ongoing projects.

You cannot ‘continue’ these stories, they are not prompts. If you want to write your own response to the prompt, sign up on Rough Trade and join the cult writing group.

Variations on a Character:

Variations on a Theme:

Thursday Vignettes:

  • Play Me Home (NCIS)
  • Timely Arrival (NCIS/Sentinel Fusion)

These stories are short prompt fills; they are not ongoing stories or part of a series. While some of them do take place in the same canon as larger works, each is meant to stand on its own. I might use an idea I really like in a future story, but do not expect (or ask!) for more out of these. They are completed stand-alone works.


I have spent more time in fandom than in real life in the last decade. I'd offer cookies and a speech about joining the dark side, but if you found me here you've probably drunk the kool-aid already.

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