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tBS: Navy Spouse

The Big Short

Title: Navy Spouse
Prompt: Anthony Dinozzo, Jr
Fandom: NCIS/Hawaii Five-0
Characters: Tony DiNozzo, Steve McGarrett, LJ Gibbs, Danny Williams, Kono Kalakaua, Chin Ho Kelly, Meka Hanamoa, Victor & Anton Hesse
Genre: Slash, Action, Angst, Badassery
Word Count: 1520
Warning: canon-typical violence; retconning of the end of DADT; homophobic language
Summary: The Hesse brother decide that Steve McGarrett’s husband is a softer target than his father. That’s probably their first mistake.


“You should answer that — you don’t spend nearly enough time with your spouse. You wouldn’t want him to feel neglected, would you?”

Anton Hesse’s smirk made Steve want to stab him in the face, but the icy fist wrapped around his heart was making it difficult to breathe. He flicked the call button on his phone. “Tony?”

“Hey babe. You miss me?”

His husband’s voice was as calm and cheerful as ever. It might have been the start of any other conversation if not for one thing; Tony never called him ‘babe’.

“Tony, are you alright?”

“I’m fine, Steve. I’m just hanging out with a couple of friends of yours.”

Steve snatched an offered notepad, scrawling a message out on it, and shoved it into a waiting hand. “Tony —”

“I never took you for a pillow biter, McGarrett,” an Irish voice drawled over the line. “I’ll give you credit though, Steve, he’s a pretty bastard. Tough, too.”

“I swear to God, Hesse, if you hurt him — I will kill you.”

“Now, now, McGarrett, you know how this works — my brother for your husband.”

“You know that isn’t possible. The United States government does not negotiate with terrorists.”

“Better hope not, McGarrett, or your —” there was a murmur in the background, and his husband’s voice returned. “Steve?”

“I’m here, Tony —”

“I need you to listen to me, Steve. I love you; you know that, right?”

Oh Jesus, please. “I love you, too,” he managed to get past the lump in his throat, glaring fiercely at Anton’s mocking expression.

“They’re tracing your signal, Steve; you need to get out of there.”

There was an exclamation over the phone, and a faint grunt from Tony. Steve seized a nearby sleeve and hissed an order for air support and to alert the convoy. “Tony — ?”

He strained his ears, desperate to decipher the sounds seven thousand miles away. Voices and sounds of a struggle, a sharp crack or something breaking and then —

Two gunshots, a thud, and the third shot.

“Tony —? Tony!

Anton smirked again and opened his mouth, only to gasp when Steve slammed his boot into the little asshole’s knee. For several long, endless moments, Steve waited in agony, not knowing if the man he’d loved for ten years was alive or dead.

“Steve — for fuck’s sake, asshole, stop struggling! — you there, caro?”

“Where else would I be?” he managed. “Hesse?”

“Alive, but bleeding. He’ll live — his pet hacker might not, though.”

“Victor Hesse is dangerous, Tone —”

“You say that like I didn’t read your files on him, Steve,” and of course Tony had read his Eyes Only, classified military files; he really had to stop bring those with him when he was on leave. “Don’t worry, Ace, it’s hard to pull off those fancy martial arts moves when you’re hogtied with flex cuffs,” there was a sharp thud, “and even harder when you’re unconscious.” A few more noises. “Hesse has men in your area, ready to take back baby Hesse; no telling how they’ll react if they don’t get the signal.”

“How do you know that?”

There was a faint chuckle. “We had a little time to chat before our three-way call, Steve.”

“Are you hurt?”

“A few bruises and rope burn; relax, Lieutenant Commander Overprotective. Hesse figured a couple of love taps would be enough to soften up a faggot — which is also why he went for me, instead of your dad.”

He inhaled at the slur, knowing that it would strike a chord in Tony; the man’s asshole of a father had been fond of it. “Victor Hesse is usually smarter than that. I think I’m a little disappointed.”

“Always sucks to find out your nemesis is more arrogant and lucky than smart. Hold on a sec.” There was a clatter of keys. “Aha. Do you have reinforcements inbound?”

A quick check with his men confirmed there were two US helicopters on the way. Tony rattled off the GPS location, make and call number of the helicopter carrying Hesse’s private mercenaries.

“Tony —”

“I love you, too, Smooth Dog,” Tony cut him off before he could request — demand — details on his spouse’s condition. “You keep yourself safe, and I’ll find a deep hole to drop Hesse in.”

“Typical,” Steve muttered. “Five years of chasing Victor Hesse around the world, with the full resources of Naval Intelligence at my disposal, and you take him down while being held captive at gunpoint.” He smirked at Anton, whose smug air was fading rapidly.

“Don’t forget the part about being tied to a chair.”

“I’m going to tie you to the bed — maybe that’ll keep you out of trouble.”

“Doubtful,” was the cheerful response. Steve grinned helplessly. “Stay alive, Steven — I’m not done with you yet.”

Steve ended the call with Tony’s parting benediction — the same one he’d used at each parting and deployment since they’d met ten years ago as a new SEAL and cocky young detective — echoing in his ears.

He smiled darkly at Anton Hesse — who paled.

“What was that about studying up on me, Anton?”


Tony dropped the cell phone on his desk beside the laptop, then snagged a USB stick from a drawer, plugging it in an open slot. The computer was a goldmine of data and actionable intel on terrorists, insurgents and the arms dealers who loved them — no way in hell was he going to risk losing that info if the CIA, NSA or Naval Intelligence laid claim to it.

He stepped over the moaning hacker — cuffed and bleeding — to snag his own phone. No doubt navy backup was on it’s way, but this was definitely federal jurisdiction now. He’d be damned if someone stole Hesse from him before he got to wring the Irish bastard dry. Hesse had spent years dodging, frustrating, and now stalking his husband; he’d threatened Tony’s family.


“Hey boss; I need some backup at my place.”

There was a pause. “You hurt, DiNozzo?”

He glanced over his reflection, taking in the bruises on his jaw and cheekbone, the split lip and eyebrow. His left eye was going black, and he would need stitches. “I don’t need an ambulance, but these two assholes do. But neither of our lives will be worth living if I don’t let Ducky or Jimmy look me over.” Which was as close as he could come to admitting he was hurting.

There was a grunt over the line. “I’m sending agents over, and an ambulance. I’ll be there in ten minutes.” It was twenty-two for normal drivers. “What’s this about, Tony? Were you a target?”

“No, but I was meant to be leverage.” Hesse stirred slightly, and Tony retrieved his gun from its drawer.


“Yeah.” He flicked the safety. “I know you’re awake, Victor. I need you alive and talking — the ability to walk or even feed yourself?” Hesse rolled onto his side, warily eyeing Tony’s Sig. “That’s optional.”

And engine revved in his ear. “Backup in four, Dinozzo.”

“Don’t worry about me, boss; me and my new friend Victor Hesse will just hang out until you get here.”  

“Victor Hesse. One of the fifteen most wanted men in the world.”

“Yeah, that’s him.” He cocked his gun when the man in question wriggled. “Ah ah, Vicky. It looks like number sixteen on that list just got a promotion,” he told his boss.

Who sighed and accelerated.


Seven days later, Steve jogged up the stairs to his office, his team following behind. He still wasn’t quite sure how it had happened — somewhere between locking Anton in a cell on the USS Enterprise and getting a flight from Yokosuka to Hickram, NCIS and Naval Intelligence had traced Hesse’s entrance to the USA to Hawaii, where he’d set men to surveil John McGarrett before heading to the mainland. Since he’d already been there, Steve had checked on his father — who’d had something to say about getting a call from a son-in-law he hadn’t known about, which had led to a typical McGarrett family fight.

A fight that had been broken up by the Governor of Hawaii, who’d shown up to offer Steve a job.

A job he’d refused, of course, right up until one of Hesse’s lieutenants had slipped through the HPD’s surveillance and made an attempt at Steve and his father.

One dead arms dealer later, Steve had accepted Jameson’s means and immunity, stolen a haole detective and his local partner from HPD, given his father’s old partner a job, recruited a rookie cop, and taken down a snakehead with ties to Hesse.

Now he just had to tell Tony.

Hell, who was he kidding — his husband probably already knew.

“Fed in the building,” Chin Ho and Danno murmured, almost simultaneously.

Kono examined the figure leaning on the computer table. “Okay, I see a guy — how do you get federal agent?”

“Suit,” Meka told her.

“It’s the shoes,” Chin said serenely. “Cops and feds wear different shoes.

“The federal badge doesn’t hurt,” Danno told her dryly.

“And here I thought I’d remembered to put on my non-federal agent shoes this morning.”

Steve crossed the room and wrapped his arms around his husband before Tony had managed to turn fully around. A heartbeat later, he was being kissed for all he was worth.

“Huh. I did not see that coming,” Chin murmured.

“Really? I did,” Kono said smugly.

“Careful, rookie.”

“Correct me if I’m wrong, caro, but I thought I was the cop in this relationship. Though, it is flattering how you’ve chose to follow my example.”

Steve touched the three stitched in his husband’s eyebrow. “Well, since you decided to start taking down international fugitives, I figured we were swapping.”

“Oh, you were swapping something,” Danno said cheerfully. “Honestly, McGarrett, I’ve met your father; you weren’t raised by wild boars. How about an introduction?”

Tony eyed his team and smiled. Kono made an appreciative sound. “Tony DiNozzo, NCIS. And this idiot’s husband.”

“Oh, I like you,” Danno said. “Please tell me you’re staying — we could use someone smarter that those idiots at the Pearl Harbour office, and you can keep this lunatic in line.”

Tony sighed and looked at Steve fondly. He was pretty sure he was wearing a dopey expression; his team’s amused faces told him that, plus he felt a little high on good feelings. It had been five months since he and Tony had been on the same continent, much less state.

Caro, we’ve talked about your people skills before.”

“I have great people skills!”

“For a tiger shark, maybe,” Danno muttered, making everyone laugh. “Are you transferring to Pearl?”

Steve winced a little; Pearl was coveted post, and Tony claimed he wasn’t the Director’s favourite agent. Also, they had only been married since DADT was repealed, but Steve figured you were supposed to tell your spouse when you accepted a new job half way around the world. Before you finished moving into your new office space.

“Something like that.” Tony smiled at Steve. It was sweet, soft, and carried a hint of steel. “I’m the new Special Agent in Charge of Pearl Harbour.”

Oh, yeah. Tony was going to have words for him. After they fucked each other stupid, of course. Steve was looking forward to it, and everything that came after.



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  1. This story just makes me end up wearing a truly dopey grin. Thank you for writing and sharing!

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