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The Agent and the Admiral Series

Series: The Agent and the Admiral
Fandom: NCIS, JAG
Pairing/Characters: always-a-girl Toni DiNozzo/AJ Chegwidden, others mentioned
Genre: Rule 63, always-a-different sex/gender changes, AU, romance, drama, casefic, action-adventure
Rating/Warnings: R; explicit sex and swearing; canon-typical violence; discussion of murder, violence, character death, violence against women (anything one might see on either show) and other typical crime procedural discussions of crime; character death (no main pairing character death), assault, and moments of tooth-rotting fluff.
Notes: Takes place in JAG season 8, after “Heart and Soul” and before the episode “Ice Queen” which is also the NCIS pilot episode. Begins pre-series NCIS, when Toni has been at NCIS about a year and a half. Series extends into through the first season of NCIS and possibly beyond.

Banner - Nightcap
Nightcap Admiral Chegwidden was just seeking a quiet drink and a respite from a boring Navy event. Antonia DiNozzo found him instead, and she turned out to be as potent as any nightcap.

banner - agent and admiral - night outNight Out It wasn’t that Toni didn’t date, it was more that she tried to keep things light, easy, and uncomplicated. And yet, she was going on a date with Admiral AJ Chegwidden despite the fact the man had ‘complication’ written all over him.


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