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The Future Is My Past Story Art

So, when I can’t write, or I’m stuck (or bored, or watching tv, or avoiding answering emails, or…) I often play with making artwork for my stories. Sometimes this is simple banner art but other times I make articles or postcards or use background that I’ve made for a story but not actually included.

I’m also a very visual person, and I often go looking to images to influence my writing. Sometimes I find an image that inspires something new, or makes me add a character or a scene. It takes a lot of time, but I enjoy it (and yes, I used to cut magazine images out and make collages when I was a teenager; now I spend ten hours at a time on Pinterest) and I do get comments on my descriptions, so I don’t think it takes away from my writing.

Yes, I do write articles and letters between characters; sometimes these are actually part of a story, like in Future’s Past, where I used articles to so a progression of time and the relationships between characters. Other times, I write them as part of my world building, like in the article about Castle Ravensmoor below.

I will add to these in the future, and link to here in future stories.

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