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Instinctive Logic

Title: Instinctive Logic
Anthesis and Synthesis #1
Star Trek AOS/The Sentinel fusion
Jayme ‘Jim’ Kirk/Spock, Amanda Grayson/Sarek, Christopher Pike, Leonard ‘Bones’ McCoy, Nyota Uhura, other canon and original characters
Alternate Universe (Fusion, Rule 63/Always a Different Sex, Sentinels and Guides are Known), Drama, Romance, Science Fiction
Word Count: 27 561
Canon-level violence (no planets were harmed in the making of this story, looking at you Abrams), mentions of racism/xenophobia/bigotry, sexual harassment. 

Author’s Note: This was started as part of the July 2018 Little Black Dress Challenge on Rough Trade (The Sentinel trope being the little black dress of fandom). It wasn’t finished then because I have yet to complete a Star Trek story in a challenge environment. The sequel will be my project for April 2020 Rough Trade. The entire year will be Sentinel-focused on RT and April’s challenge is Pairs and involves established relationships.

All credit (credit, not blame!) to Keira Marcos for incepting me with Betazoid Jim Kirk. I know she credits someone else, but her Tangled Destinies, in addition to being one of my favourite Kirk/Spock works (I lean more to Kirk/Bones in the AOS fandom and I’m not sorry), is the first place I saw the idea and I’ve been in love with it ever since. I went with it here not only because Tangled Destinies deeply influenced my headcanon, but because the idea of an empathic and hybrid Kirk worked really well with the themes I want to explore in this story and the sequel.

Yes, I wrote another Rule 63 story. I also made a beloved slash pairing into a het romance. I’m not at all sorry about the first, and only a little sorry about the second. Please rest assured that I have read a great deal of hot gay sex with Jim and Spock in order to make up for my transgressions. I can’t even help myself, I just really love to expand the range and repertoire of female characters in my favourite fandoms. If anyone is concerned, though, I promise that Jayme and Spock don’t care about what’s in each other’s pants and would love each other just the same if they were both male, both female, or both another nonspecified gender.

Instinctive Logic Cast (compressed)

Synopsis: In the 23rd century, humanity has spread across the quadrant, explored unknown worlds and helped build a federation of planets. The ancient legacy of sentinels and guides remains with them, even in an age defined by reaching for the furthest stars.

As children of two worlds, Jayme and Spock share that legacy. Sentinel and guide, primal guardians from Earth’s past, born to alien cultures. It is a legacy that will define them both.


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