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This little piece of the internet belongs to me!!! Hahahahaha!!! Bow before your benevolent goddess, mortals!!!

Ahem. Sorry. I have no idea what came over me. I totally got over that little case of megalomania years ago. I have a doctor’s note to prove it.

Right, back to the stuff. I’m supposed to write something meaningful or funny. Fresh outta ideas, folks. You’re stuck with whatever I have left over from writing. And, you know, pretending I’m a human being instead of a recluse-in-training.

Did I mention I’m an insomniac who does most of her writing after midnight? Best get that out there.

So, rules and stuff.

1. Don’t be a bitch. That’s my job. Kidding (so not kidding).
2. Don’t steal.
3. Don’t diss on other people.
4. Don’t bitch about my fandom or story genre choices. Don’t like slash or always-a-girl stories? There’s plenty of internet out there for you to play in.
5. I make the rules and I can change or add to them as I like.

For the record, I have been weaned on a diet of snark, sass, and bitchery. And that was before I spent years of my life on the internet. Take your chances.

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Evil Author Day (EAD)

Evil Author Day

What is Evil Author Day? Well, it’s a day that authors are evil to readers, and readers say ‘thank you for making us suffer sweet, sweet agony’. Basically, it’s the reason we all endure Valentine’s Day.

Evil Author Day (EAD) started as an author tease. Writers would post a list of the titles of stories they were working on or the names of all their WIP files – which is hilarious because writers often label ongoing projects with ridiculous and amusing tags.

(FYI – no one thinks of titles first; most people leave that to last minute and then slap something random on it. I usually get an idea just as I’m falling asleep, or use a line or phrase from the story, or use a key phrase from a quote I used as inspiration. Titles are like synopses – no one likes to write them and we all struggle to get it right, and prefacing your efforts with a humble brag about how bad you are at this but your story is awesome read it anyway is just irritating. Yes, FF.Net and AO3, I am looking at you.)

Some authors took votes and posted an excerpt for the most popular title/description. Other authors listed a little about several open projects and asked readers to vote on which one they should work on next.

As per usual in certain circles (<cough> Stargate fandom <cough>), a certain Ms Keira Marcos took the idea, ran a touchdown with it, and had the whole thing renamed and rebranded in her likeness. Keira posted excerpts from an assortment of open stories she had on the go and – here’s where the evil part comes in – there was absolutely no guarantee that we would ever see anything else in these works.

This bears repeating: there are no guarantees, warranties, or assurances here.  There are no timelines, no promises, and no requests. We (including you, dear reader) don’t get to ask, beg, threaten, or demand that an author go back to any of the EAD posts. We say thank you, and move on. There is also no guarantee that, if an EAD story is completed, the excerpt posted will be included or remain intact.

Fast forward a few years and EAD has spread to Rough Trade and AO3. So, let’s celebrate International Fanworks Day with awesome stuff – and a lack of assholery.

Please Note: None of these stories are done and they may never be. I intend to only publish them here; none of these will live on AO3. There will be errors as most of them have only a basic spellcheck and read-through.


A Woman’s Honour: Aftermath (Naruto) female Kakashi and Naruto
Shifting Currents (NCIS/Criminal Minds) female Tony DiNozzo/Aaron Hotchner
Yesterday’s Tomorrow: Autumn (Harry Potter) The Future is My Past; The Past is my Future Book Two
Heart of Iron & Ice: Arctic Star (MCU/Sentinel Fusion) female Tony Stark/Loki #3 (No, I haven’t even started #2).

There is also a new edition of Future’s Past available, one with images and graphics of documents (letters and articles), and I posted some artwork for the series.


StarTrek Atlantis (Star Trek 2009/Stargate fusion) female Jim Kirk, future Kirk/Bones pairing
Counting the Days (Harry Potter) female Harry Potter/Draco Malfoy
Durin’s Wife (The Hobbit) Bellamira Baggins/Thorin Oakenshield
Stargate: Rising Tides (Stargate/NCIS) female Tony DiNozzo/Ronon Dex

I also posted a new completed story in the NCIS fandom, Bounce Back.


The Raven and the Wolf (Harry Potter/Fairy Tale) Female Harry Potter/Orion Black
First Casualty (NCIS/Harry Potter Fusion) Tony DiNozzo/female Spencer Reid
An Officer and a Lady (NCIS/JAG) female Tony DiNozzo/AJ Chegwidden


The Blue Line (The Sentinel) Jim Ellison/female Blair Sandburg
Tony and JARVIS Break the Internet (MCU) genfic, post Winter Soldier
Black Lace and Bourbon (NCIS/JAG) female Tony DiNozzo/AJ Chegwidden NSFW
Serpentine (Harry Potter) Harry Potter/Draco
Be Bold and Venture To Be Wise (Star Trek 2009) James Kirk/Leonard McCoy

Reminder: DO NOT ask me about when/where/how I will finish or post these. Yes, I am working on all of them. I am also working on a lot of things – I have about a dozen ongoing projects and the list will keep growing until I find a way to shut off my own brain – and doing things like going to work and getting groceries and doing laundry.