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The Future Is My Past Story Art

So, when I can’t write, or I’m stuck (or bored, or watching tv, or avoiding answering emails, or…) I often play with making artwork for my stories. Sometimes this is simple banner art but other times I make articles or postcards or use background that I’ve made for a story but not actually included.

I’m also a very visual person, and I often go looking to images to influence my writing. Sometimes I find an image that inspires something new, or makes me add a character or a scene. It takes a lot of time, but I enjoy it (and yes, I used to cut magazine images out and make collages when I was a teenager; now I spend ten hours at a time on Pinterest) and I do get comments on my descriptions, so I don’t think it takes away from my writing.

Yes, I do write articles and letters between characters; sometimes these are actually part of a story, like in Future’s Past, where I used articles to so a progression of time and the relationships between characters. Other times, I write them as part of my world building, like in the article about Castle Ravensmoor below.

I will add to these in the future, and link to here in future stories.

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Cast Posters

Cast Posters and Character Art

Future’s Past

Cast Photos


The House of Black

Let’s not forget the kneazles:

Kneazles All in a Row


The Future is My Past Full Cast poster, including some future characters:


Cast page 1

Cast page 2


Sentinel Fusions Cast Posters:

Seeing Clear (Criminal Minds/NCIS)

Seeing Clear Cast Poster

Heart of Iron & Ice (MCU)

Heart of Iron and Ice Cast

Senses of Magic (Harry Potter)

Senses of Magic Cast



Art - Radiance Cast Poster




























































































































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Banner and Story Art

Here are the various banners and title page art for my stories. Since I can spend a ridiculous amount of time on Canva, you can expect to see this page grow.

Future's Past
Future’s Past Story Banner
Future Past Future Series Banner
The Future Is My Past Series Banner
Lingering Ghosts Banner
Lingering Ghosts Tortall Stories Banner
Banner Senses of Magic Banner
Senses of Magic Harry Potter Sentinel Fusion (Rough Trade July 2016)
Banner - Senses of Magic Spirit Animals
Senses of Magic Spirit Animals
Banner - Heart of Iron & Ice Banner
Heart of Iron & Ice MCU Sentinel Fusion (Rough Trade July 2016)
Banner - Heart of Iron & Ice Spirit Animals
Heart of Iron & Ice Spirit Animals
Banner - Seeing Clear Banner
Seeing Clear Criminal Minds/NCIS Sentinel Fusion (Rough Trade July 2016)
Banner - Seeing Clear Spirit Animals
Seeing Clear Spirit Animals
Art - Radiance Series Banner
Radiance Series Cover Art
Art Tony Stark Time Cover
Female Tony Stark; Heart of Iron & Ice
Art - Tony Stark Popular Mechanics Cover
MCU/Tony Stark Magazine Cover; Heart of Iron & Ice
Art - National Geographic Nine Realms
Magazine Cover; Heart of Iron & Ice

Ingenious Tony Stark

Ingenious Tony Stark (1)
Book Cover; Female Tony Stark