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Future’s Past (Graphics Version) – Epilogue

Title: Future’s Past (Graphics Version) – Epilogue
Series: The Future Is My Past; The Past Is My Future
Warnings/Notes: See Story or Series page for full notes and warnings.

Future’s Past Main Page

Prologue      Chapter One – Six     Chapter Seven – Twelve      Epilogue

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Future’s Past (Graphics Version) – Chapters Seven – Twelve

Title: Future’s Past – Chapters Seven – Twelve
Series: The Future Is My Past; The Past Is My Future
Warnings/Notes: See Series or Story pages for full warnings and notes.

Future’s Past Main Page

Prologue      Chapter One – Six     Chapter Seven – Twelve      Epilogue
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Future’s Past (Graphics Version) – Chapters One – Six

Title: Future’s Past (Graphics Version) – Chapters One – Six
Series: The Future Is My Past; The Past Is My Future
Warnings/Notes: See Series or Story pages for all warnings and notes.     

Future’s Past Main Page

Prologue      Chapter One – Six     Chapter Seven – Twelve      Epilogue

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Future’s Past (Graphics Version) – Prologue

Title: Future’s Past (Graphics Version) – Prologue
Series: The Future Is My Past; The Past Is My Future
Warnings/Notes: See the Series or Story page for all notes and warnings.

Future’s Past Main Page

Prologue      Chapter One – Six      Chapter Seven – Twelve      Epilogue

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tBS: A Guide’s Place

The Big Short

Title: A Guide’s Place
Prompt: escape
Characters/Pairings: female Blair Sandburg/Jim Ellison, Sentinel cast, OC
Genre: genderbend, Sentinels/Guides, asswhooping
Word Count: 872
Warnings: I will genderbend all your characters, especially if fandom likes to make them a 12-year-old girl. And I will make them a badass woman. And you can’t stop me.
Author’s Note: I really need to stop listening to old recordings of Keira’s podcast while I’m writing at two a.m. because this is what happens. Also, I’m not sorry, and I will probably do it again. Blair is often made into a weeping, emotional figure — a ‘girl with a dick’ — so I took Keira’s advice. If you want to write Blair as a girl, go ahead — and write him as a kick ass girl. So, here is Blair as a kick ass girl.

Synopsis: All Blair had going for her was three feet of wild curls, too much courage and stubbornness to fit in a body twice her size, an Alpha Guide’s empathy, and her brain.

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A Woman’s Honour; A Kunoichi’s Heart

Title: A Woman’s Honour, A Kunoichi’s Heart
Fandom: Naruto
Genre: AU, Genderbent
Warnings: Ninja. War. Child Soldiers. You know, all the things we put in children’s anime! Also, I genderbend several characters. No, I don’t care if you don’t like genderbend. There are literally a million Naruto fics, go find something else. Yes I did change the genders of characters, but not their names — mostly, because I don’t speak Japanese. These people can breath fire and pull their own bones out of their bodies to use as weapons — I don’t think non-typical names will be too reality-defying. Further warnings for an anime fan’s (mediocre) understanding of Japanese language and culture.


Synopsis: A woman’s honour is different than a man’s; men seek to cleanse their honour with blood, while any woman can tell you that it’s hard work that removes stains.

A kunoichi’s heart is strong and enduring; it bruises where a shinobi’s breaks.

Hatake Sakumo was a woman, not a man; her daughter Kakashi is the Silver Wolf, the legacy of the White Fang.

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tBS: The Sentiment of Genius

The Big Short

Title: The Sentiment of Genius
Prompt: gun
Fandom: Sherlock Holmes (Ritchie movie verse)
Pairing/Characters: Sherlock Holmes, female John Watson
Genre: romance, post movie
Word Count: 1000
Warnings: Sherlock’s brand of crazy asshole
Synopsis: It was the purest sentiment. He was dead — Watson had witnessed it herself. So why was she going on as if waiting for him to return from one of his ‘madman’s ventures into chaos and depravity’?

I shall endeavor to find the most painful of endings for the Doctor. She will die in agony, Holmes, with your name on her lips.

The problem with facing a man as cunning as himself was that Moriarty had found his weakness, just as Holmes had done for the mastermind’s vulnerabilities. The difference? Moriarty’s vices were money, control, and power.

Holmes’ was his heart, and the woman who possessed it.

I thought I had burned the heart out of you when I saw the charming Ms Adler dispatched — but I was mistaken. It was not the thief, but the doctor, whom you hold most dear. Continue reading “tBS: The Sentiment of Genius”

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Heart of Iron & Ice

Title: Heart of Iron and Ice
Author: darkseraphina
Fandom/Genre: Marvel Cinematic Universe, Sentinel Fusion
Relationship(s): female Tony Stark/Loki
Content Rating: R
Warnings: Canon typical violence…so, torture, death, destruction of worlds, racism, internalized racism, genocide, comic-book science, betrayal, body horror and mutilation, unsafe medical procedures, unsafe science experiments (god, seriously, proper laboratory procedure would solve so many problems in comic books and science fiction, honestly), unsafe sexual behaviour (Tony Stark should be it’s own warning regardless of gender). Any and all of these could be referenced, as well as specific violence in the first Iron Man movie (open heart surgery in a cave!) and mentions of underage sex, misogyny, and threat of rape. THERE IS NO RAPE, just the threat and/or mention of it.

Word Count: 19 749

Tony Stark was born a girl. . . and changed the world by not having a dick. Who knew? Also, she’s a Guide.

Antonia Stark (god, please, call me Tony — no, no ‘i’, what am I, 12 and dotting my name with a heart? Yes, with a ‘y’, thank you, glad we straightened that out) came online as a guide at seventeen, and spends years hiding it. Bad enough to be a wealthy heiress, honestly, having to deal with Sentinels touching her trying to see if they can land the biggest golden goose of bondmate ever is not on her agenda, thanks, and also, her father told her to keep that quiet before he died and left her at the mercy of the Board and Obadiah Stane; who, you should know, might act all avuncular when he thinks you’re just a little girl he can control but, really, he’s a two-faced asshole and a thief. Assholes she can deal with — she has so much practice — but stealing and double dealing? Fuck that noise.

Somehow, despite kicking Stane out and putting the Fear of Stark in the Board (yes, it’s totally a thing and also? She’s scarier than God who, yes, might smite you but she’s a vindictive bitch with the smartest supercomputer network — one supercomputer is so 90s — ever built and Pepper Potts as her. . . sidekicks? Minions? Allies of Awesome? Yeah, that’ll work), she still ends up in a cave in Afghanistan with iron in her heart and a box of scraps. So she does what she always does — makes the man who tried to fuck with her bend over and take it. With style. And explosions — lots of explosions.

Meeting a viking god from another realm — who’s also a Sentinel — in the desert? Not part of her life plan. Good thing she’s an engineer — and that he’s very pretty. Tony likes pretty things.

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Seeing Clear

Title: Seeing Clear
Author: darkseraphina
Fandom/Genre: Criminal Minds/NCIS, Sentinel Fusion
Relationship(s): Tony DiNozzo/female Spencer Reid
Content Rating: R
Warnings: Canon-typical violence (so, serial killers, dismembered corpses, sexual violence, psychopathy, drug use, epic character angst – all that fun stuff), sexual content (possibly) and swearing: seriously, more swearing than sex – I swear way more than I sex, especially in 15,000 words. Also, this is genderbent, always-a-different-sex. Not your thing? Shoo.

Word Count: 15 334

Spencer Reid lives in fear in meeting her mother’s fate — having her brilliant mind turn on her. She buries that fear in her books and her work, but it continues to prey on her. When she begins to feel things that make no sense, Spencer’s fears seem to be coming true. Until David Rossi, newly returned to the FBI, gives her an answer she never expected.

Tony DiNozzo was a good cop, not because he’s a Sentinel, but because it was who he was. Key word — was. A second career-ending injury cost him his badge, but his senses are unaffected — however often some buff young sentinel looks at him and sees a cripple. Tony knows who he is, and the assumption that he’s dormant might annoy him, but it changes nothing.

A Sentinel who knows himself inside and out. A Guide who has always been afraid to look inward. And plenty of well-meaning friends to meddle in their lives. What could go wrong?

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Senses of Magic

Title: Senses of Magic
Author: darkseraphina
Fandom/Genre: Harry Potter & Sentinel Fusion
Relationships: Parental Sirius Black and female Harry Potter; no main pairings; mentions of secondary pairings
Content Rating: R
Warnings: Canon-typical violence (from a canon that made children soldiers in a civil war, a school a battleground, and turned an infant into a messianic figure. And killed multiple characters. In children’s books). Seriously, canon-typical warnings in Harry Potter fandom covers pretty much everything except rape. Of which there is none in this story, though there will be some purely intellectual discussion of the unique threats girls might face.

Word Count: 18 917

Summary:  Ellie Potter’s introduction to the magical world is a little more complicated than intended. No one, not even Dumbledore, expected the Girl-Who-Lived to Awaken as a sentinel. Which just goes to show you how little wizards understand Sentinels – nothing like being thrust into a new world, filled with dangers and enemies to Awaken a sentinel’s instincts.

Goblins have little use for wizards, but sentinels and guides are another matter entirely. Sentinels are warriors; ruthless, fierce, and without mercy on the battlefield. The kind of being a Goblin can respect. So when the Girl-Who-Lived comes into the bank, Awakening…well. There’s little they could do to aid an underaged witch without a magical guardian. A Sentinel? Anyone who tries to interfere in affairs between Sentinels and Guides and the Horde courts war.

Ellie leaves Gringotts with far more than she might have. The goblins send send her off, already plotting. Change is coming. A storm is building. There will be profit and battle in the coming days.

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