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Play Me Home

Title: Play Me Home
Author: darkseraphina
Fandom: NCIS
Genre: gen, alternate universe, genderbend
Warnings: past character death, mentions of child abandonment and abuse.
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 1683
Prompt: The Writer’s Table Thursday Vignettes, February 7, 2019

Summary: It was the most beautiful piano Toni had ever seen.

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Title: Fangirl
Fandom: Harry Potter
Genre: Rule 63/Always a Girl, Alternate Universe, Real Life, No Magic, Family
Word Count:
All the fluff, and lots of geeky things besides, and some swearing.
Synopsis: There are secrets everywhere in Hogwarts; Harry Potter intends to hunt down all of them.

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tBS: Gryffindor’s Champion

The Big Short

Title: Gryffindor’s Champion
Prompt: Sword
Fandom/Characters: Harry Potter; female Harry, OMC, Amelia Bones, the Sorting Hat, Fawkes
Genre: drama, genderbent
Warnings: minor character death (but only one that Joanne killed anyway so, ya know) and some blood and gross stuff that comes from stabbing things as well as possession and blood sacrifice. So, canon-typical stuff for the children’s books!
Notes: Vincent DeLeon is Ron Perlman and Amelia Bones is Lena Headey. The Sorting Hat plays himself.
Word Count: 976

Synopsis: Anecdotal evidence suggests that drawing a weapon from anything but a sheath or stand — should have rather more impact than Dumbledore originally explained.

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tBS: Moonlight

The Big Short

Title: Moonlight
Prompt: John Sheppard
Genre: drama, fix-it, introspective
Word Count: 1957
Author’s Note: I wanted to do an Stargate story, since I’m planning on writing SG Atlantis for July’s episode challenge and I need to start getting a feel for the characters. But, I also had ‘Tony as Agent Afloat’ on the brain, so this happened.

Synopsis: Sometimes, John wondered if this is how the Ancients felt; like everything they did to fix their mistakes only made things worse. It didn’t excuse the way they abandoned the galaxy to the Wraith, but it made their obsession with Ascension and non-interference a little more understandable.
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tBS: Hunter, Hunted

Title: Hunter, Hunted
Prompt: Original Male Character
Fandom: NCIS
Characters: Toni DiNozzo (fem!Tony), Nikki Jardine, Michelle Lee, Paula Cassidy, Cassie Yates, Director Morrow, various original characters mentioned
Genre: angst, drama, Women Being Awesome
Warnings: Sexually coercive behaviour, aggressive sexual pursuit, and behaviour that is intended to cause distress and anxiety in an OCD person. Do Not Read This if any of that will bother you, I don’t want to trigger anyone.
Rating: M
Notes: So the prompt was to create an Original Male Character and, in under 2000 words, make the audience love him. As per usual, I am incapable of following the brief; I wrote someone for you all to hate. Let’s see if I got it right.

Synopsis: There are all kinds of predators in the world, and most of them hunt the weakest members of the herd.

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tBS: Consenting Magic

The Big Short

Title: Consenting Magic
Prompt: Rule 63 (not that I need an excuse for this; I haven’t written anything but in 9 months. Okay, there was one prompt I wrote slash for but serious that’s it, there is something wrong with me)
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing/Characters: Sirius, Ianthe (female Harry Potter), a twinkling old coot, teachers who are never around when you need them, a little asshole who thinks he can get away with shit, and an asshole who raised the little asshole.
Genre: Drama, angst, righteous revenge
Word Count: 1372
Warnings: There is mention of the use of love potions, which means attempting to subvert consent, which is attempted rape. Please read carefully or not at all if this is a trigger issue for you. There is no rape.
Rating: M for mention of consent issues
Notes: So this . . . I’m not sure where this came from, but it might have been brewing while listening to/having a conversation about what consent actually is. Either that, or it was while I was contemplating some of the terrible shit that magic apparently lets people get away with. (FYI: all the terrible shit. All of it.)

Synopsis: Sirius had pranked every person in Hogwarts, received 316 detentions, been injured in a Death Eater attack on Hogsmeade, and nearly killed a classmate — and not once had the school summoned a parent. So when he gets a note requesting his presence in regards to his goddaughter, he doesn’t dawdle.

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tBS: Alchemy

The Big Short

Title: Alchemy
Author: darkseraphina
Prompt: Original Male Character
Characters/Pairings: female Harry Potter (Ianthe), OMC, OFC, Dursleys
Genre: drama, genderbent
Word Count: 2000
Warnings: . . . no canon, no beta, no fucks
Author’s Note: Nicolas Flamel is actually a character in something I’m working on, so I wanted to play with him to cement his character in my head. Technically, you could argue that he isn’t an original character but we never actually saw him or learned anything about his character. So, you know, fuck the rules.

Synopsis: The confrontation over the Philosopher’s Stone had repercussions that Dumbledore never imagined. Ianthe Potter isn’t quite sure what’s happening, but that’s not new when it comes to magic.
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A Woman’s Honour; A Kunoichi’s Heart

Title: A Woman’s Honour, A Kunoichi’s Heart
Fandom: Naruto
Genre: AU, Genderbent
Warnings: Ninja. War. Child Soldiers. You know, all the things we put in children’s anime! Also, I genderbend several characters. No, I don’t care if you don’t like genderbend. There are literally a million Naruto fics, go find something else. Yes I did change the genders of characters, but not their names — mostly, because I don’t speak Japanese. These people can breath fire and pull their own bones out of their bodies to use as weapons — I don’t think non-typical names will be too reality-defying. Further warnings for an anime fan’s (mediocre) understanding of Japanese language and culture.


Synopsis: A woman’s honour is different than a man’s; men seek to cleanse their honour with blood, while any woman can tell you that it’s hard work that removes stains.

A kunoichi’s heart is strong and enduring; it bruises where a shinobi’s breaks.

Hatake Sakumo was a woman, not a man; her daughter Kakashi is the Silver Wolf, the legacy of the White Fang.

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tBS: Practical Witchcraft

The Big Short

Title: Practical
Prompt: magic
Characters: Sirius Black, Female Harry Potter; Frances, Jet, Sally and Gillian Owens
Genre: Fantasy, family fic
Word Count: 993
Warnings: genderbent and weird crossovers, canon fuckery
Author’s Note: I’m not sorry.
Synopsis: Lily’s mother was an Owens, and Owens women take care of each other.

Jet Owens woke to the sound of the ancient family clock chiming. Ten, eleven, twelve.


She rose from her bed and left her bedroom. As she headed towards Sally’s room, Jet passed the now silent clock, whose hands had not moved in over a century and had never, in her memory, been wound.

After checking on Sally, tucked safely in her bed, she found her sister, Frances, leaving Gillian’s bedroom. Neither said a word, moving down the staircase with purpose.

Frances took her hand and squeezed.

It was the work of moments to retrieve the grimoire and supplies. Candles were lit, their fragrance wafting through the air. Salt gathered from the nearby sea was mixed with sage, witch hazel and frankincense and set to smolder.

“By the power in our shared blood,

We cast a spell this moonless night;

Ease the passing of those we’ve lost,

And protect our kin with all our might.”

Though they’d only been asleep for a few hours, neither sister returned to their beds. They stayed awake all night, watchful, waiting and grieving for their lost family.
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tBS: Sentinel Fury

The Big Short

Title: Sentinel Fury
Author: darkseraphina
Fandom: Harry Potter
Characters: Sirius Black, Ellie Potter (female Harry), Dolores Umbridge, Wizengamot
Genre: Sentinel fusion; same world as Senses of Magic (LBD)
Word Count: 820
Warnings: Don’t fuck with Sirius Black
Author Note: This could be considered loosely based on my Senses of Magic sentinel fusion story. It is not a sign of a coming sequel; please don’t ask for one.

“You know,” Sirius spoke over the chatter of the Wizengamot, “a few people have asked me about Azkaban.” Silence fell as he leaned back in his chair — ornate and ancient — and withdrew a black cigarillo from his robe. “The most common thing I’m asked is, aren’t you angry? You were betrayed, abused, imprisoned, and abandoned by the Ministry and your family — why aren’t you furious?”

Beside him, in her own seat, was his goddaughter; Ellie Potter, Sentinel and witch, the light of his life and the reason he refused to allow bitterness and anger to rule him. She was thirteen years old, brave and sneaky and full of humour — and vibrating with fury. Continue reading “tBS: Sentinel Fury”