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Taste of Home

Title: Taste of Home
Prompt: Fluff Bingo ‘Baking’
The Hobbit
Pairing/Characters: always-a-girl Bilbo/Thorin
Genre: always-a-different sex/gender changes, AU, romance
Rating/Warnings: PG-13; some swearing and references to all the stuff that went down on the quest.
Notes: For my ‘Baking’ square on the Just Write! Fluff Bingo 2019 card. I failed to call bingo, but this story made me happy, so I finished it anyway. And isn’t that what a fluff bingo is all about?
Word Count: 4650

Synopsis: After another long, hard day of work repairing Erebor, Thorin Oakenshield returns to the comforts of home.

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Of Glowing Starlight

Title: Of Glowing Starlight
Series: Radiance #1
Fandom: The Hobbit/LotR
Pairing(s): Elrond/fem!Legolas, Thorin Oakenshield/Bellamira Baggins (fem!Bilbo)
Genre: Romance, fantasy, action adventure, genderbend, alternate universe
Warnings: genderbend of several Tolkien characters (because I can and because there are entirely too many male and too few female characters in those books-slash-movies), canon-typical violence (which covers a lot)
Word Count: 13 314
Notes: see Series Page for full notes;  Bilbo, Legolas and Kíli are female for reasons. I’m using the movie verse as my primary canon, with a dash of book and Tolkien lore, and fusing elements of The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. Movie casting unless otherwise specified; see series page for Casting. Glossary at end of work and series page.

Synopsis: Thorin Oakenshield has no love of elves, but a burning hate of orcs — so it isn’t terribly hard for Gandalf to convince him to join efforts with an elf-maid while they are hunted across the foothills of Rhudaur. Elf or not, he can only respect someone who can so handily dispatch their enemy.

He only wanted to get the Company to safety, and to the Misty Mountains for the next leg of their journey. Rivendell was never on his itinerary — and he never expected the she-elf they fell in with to be the wife of Elrond, Lord of Rivendell.

But then, Legolas has always managed to surprise people.

The Company of Thorin Oakenshield detours to Rivendell, thanks to orcs being . . . well, orcs. Everything that comes after that is probably not their fault.

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