Sentinel Fusions

Because The Sentinel is the little black dress of fandom tropes.

  • Heart of Iron & Ice (MCU) Rule 63; Tony Stark/Loki
    • Tony Stark is born a woman, a genius, and a guide. She still ends up in a cave with a heart full of shrapnel and a box of scraps. The part after, where she meets a Viking God in the desert, is a twist.
  • Seeing Clear (NCIS, Criminal Minds) Rule 63; Anthony DiNozzo/Spencer Reid
    • Spencer Reid is a genius who is afraid of her own mind turning on her. When David Rossi returns to the team, he tells her something about herself she never considered … and opens up a new opportunity for Anthony DiNozzo in the process.
  • Senses of Magic (Harry Potter) Rule 63
    • Ellie Potter’s introduction to the magical world is a little more complicated than intended. No one, not even Dumbledore, expected the Girl-Who-Lived to Awaken as a sentinel. Which just goes to show you how little wizards understand Sentinels – nothing like being thrust into a new world, filled with dangers and enemies to Awaken a sentinel’s instincts.
  • Waves Toward The Shore (NCIS, Hawaii Five-0) Rule 63, Anthony DiNozzo/Steve McGarrett
    • Left behind by her father while he chased a wealthy new wife, budding guide Antonia DiNozzo is adopted by her mother’s family in England. Hawaii is behind her — until a hunt for an arms dealer brings her back to the island. And Steve McGarrett, the sentinel son of the man who once saved her.

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