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tBS: Fate and Joy; Redux

The Big Short

Title: Fate and Joy; Redux
Prompt: Anthony DiNozzo, Jr (yes, again, shut up)
Fandom: NCIS/Criminal Minds
Characters: Tony DiNozzo, David Rossi, Joy Struthers, Aaron Hotchner, Penelope Garcia, Kai
Genre: Romance, Feels, Family
Word Count: 1628
Warning: Feels. All the feels
Author’s Note: Yes, I am aware that Hayden Montgomery is alive in season 11. Yes, I did kill her. #authorregretsnothing.

Summary: “Sweetheart — just how do you think I’d react to a reporter following me around? Now multiply that level of paranoia by the twenty extra years in law enforcement the David Rossi has over me. Not only won’t you get the answer you’re looking for, you’ll only get hurt. And so will he.”

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