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Evil Author Day (EAD)

Evil Author Day

What is Evil Author Day? Well, it’s a day that authors are evil to readers, and readers say ‘thank you for making us suffer sweet, sweet agony’. Basically, it’s the reason we all endure Valentine’s Day.

For those of you new to fandom, who didn’t follow me here from Rough Trade, or who have been living under a rock: Evil Author Day (EAD) started as an author tease. Writers would post a list of the titles of stories they were working on, or the names of all their WIP files – which is hilarious, because writers often label ongoing projects with ridiculous and amusing tags.

(FYI – no one thinks of titles first; most writers leave that to last minute and then slap something random on it. I usually get an idea just as I’m falling asleep, or use a line or phrase from the story, or use a key phrase from a quote I used as inspiration. Titles are like synopses – no one likes to write them, we all struggle to get it right, and prefacing your efforts with a humble brag about how bad you are at this but your story is awesome read it anyway is just irritating. Yes, FF.Net and AO3, I am looking at you.)

Some authors took votes and posted an excerpt for the most popular title/description. Other authors listed a little about several open projects and asked readers to vote on which one they should work on next.

As per usual in certain circles (<cough> Stargate fandom <cough>), a certain Ms Keira Marcos took the idea, ran a touchdown with it, and had the whole thing renamed and rebranded in her likeness. Keira posted excerpts from an assortment of open stories she had on the go and – here’s where the evil part comes in – there was absolutely no guarantee that we would ever see anything else in these works.

This bears repeating: there are no guarantees, warranties, or assurances here.  There are no timelines, no promises, and no requests. Some of the stuff Keira posted for EAD in 2011 has never been posted, updated, or completed (that we know of), and may never be – and we don’t get to ask, beg, threaten, or demand that she goes back to these, or any other offerings made on any EAD post.We say thank you, and move on. There is also no guarantee that, if one of the EAD stories is completed, that the excerpt posted will be included or remain intact. Ongoing stories change change, be rewritten, and have whole scenes or even pairing dumped.

And then, Keira infected the internet. As she does. Because we all wish to emulate the awesomeness. Ladyholder and Jilly James got in on the action, and eventually several other writers on Rough Trade; Keira went from posting EAD on her friend-locked livejournal to creating a dedicated livejournal (still friend-locked) for her and Jilly to post to. And now, in the footsteps of giants and geniuses – I will follow.

Note: None of these stories are done; they may never be. Also, I intend to only publish here; none of these will live on AO3. Also, in case anyone is curious, the weirdest label I have in my writing file is: Down with Umbridge genderfuck fifth year reboot. I haven’t worked on it in two years, but looking at it makes me giggle. On the other hand, the current state of … everything … may lead to some revenge fic fuel. Writing is like sex; sometimes you need a good hate-on to get you in the mood.

A Woman’s Honour: Aftermath (Naruto)
female Kakashi and Naruto

Shifting Currents (NCIS/Criminal Minds)
female Tony DiNozzo/Aaron Hotchner

Yesterday’s Tomorrow: Autumn (Harry Potter)
The Future is My Past; The Past is my Future Book Two

Heart of Iron & Ice: Arctic Star (MCU/Sentinel Fusion)
female Tony Stark/Loki #3. No, I haven’t even started #2.

Also, I posted five new Big Short stories that I completed and sat on in the
last 2 weeks. You’re welcome.

There is also a new edition of Future’s Past available, one with images and graphics of documents (letters and articles), and I posted some artwork for the series.

Reminder: DO NOT ask me about when/where/how I will finish or post these. Yes, I am working on all of them. I am also working on a lot of things, including finishing/editing/posting my NANO project, planning for a challenge in July, and doing things like going to work and getting groceries and doing laundry.



I have spent more time in fandom than in real life in the last decade. I'd offer cookies and a speech about joining the dark side, but if you found me here you've probably drunk the kool-aid already.

10 thoughts on “Evil Author Day (EAD)

  1. I won’t ask for more, but wow, I REALLY would love more. I love all the posts, they’re great 🙂

  2. Not sure how to spell the noise I made when I saw your EAD post, so I’ll just say thank you 😛

  3. aaaaaahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!
    Just read everything all at once and it is all awesome
    Agree with your comments on canon v fanon – we can totally keep loving Aaron for being a reasonable human being.
    Ianthe/Ophelia is too cool and deserves her very own magical sword to smite her enemies (imo)
    Toni and Loki are lovely, and linear time is over-rated anyway. I forget, but did anything interesting happen to Coulson on the way to Thor’s hammer in this universe? 😉
    My absolute favourite though has to be Kakashi being awesome – I love how you’ve just taken the naruto universe and said “holding this to be true, how would it be if…” and then built these 2D shapes into living breathing characters.
    All of your worldbuilding is sublime and I love you for giving these stories to the world

  4. So I just read all of these and squeed like a total fangirl. Can’t wait for more especially the fem!tony/ Aaron hotchner story. Would really love to see how they met. Not that I am trying to tell you what to do or demanding anything.

  5. I love your stories. I realy like Yesterday’s tomorrows. I love the whole series. Hopefuly this will be a story that you will finish. Thank you for the teasers. The world you create with your words is so full of images. I love it.

  6. Ever since I found you on Rough Trade you have become one of my favourite authors, along with Keira Marcos and Jilly James. I absolutely love your stories, your female Harry is amazeing.
    I just have a question. Is The First Casualty ever going to be posted here or in AO3? That story really hoocked me.

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